Conference Schedule


WEDNESDAY, September 19, 2018

Start End Event
20:00 Conference Warming

THURSDAY, September 20, 2018

Start End Event
09:30 10:00 Opening

Christoph Lütge and Matthias Uhl

10:00 12:00 Plenary Lecture and Discussion

Shaul Shalvi (University of Amsterdam): “Corruption in the Age of Digitization: A Behavioral Ethics Approach“

12:00 13:30 Lunch
13:30 15:00 SECTION 1

Track 1.A: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Burkhard Schafer (University of Edinburgh): “Never Apologise, Never Explain: On Ethics of AI”

Takehiro Ohya (Keio University): “Ethics and Regulation of AI: Relations to the Technological Development”

Hiroshi Kabashima and Jing Wang (Tohoku University): “Artificial General Intelligence in Human Interface – Its Impact on Society and Human Being”

Aníbal Monasterio Astobiza (University of the Basque Country), Ricardo Morte Ferrer (LI²FE) and Txetxu Ausín (IFS-CSIC): “Digital Phenotyping and Its Ethical Consequences”

Track 1.B: General Topics I

Effy Vayena (ETH Zürich): “Ethical Issues in Digital Health”

Iuliia Goman (St. Petersburg Mining University): “Teaching Digital Ethics”

Dominique de Courcelles (Université de Paris Sciences et Lettres): “Digitalization, Business Ethics and Cyber Peace”

15:00 15:20 Coffee Break
15:20 16:50


Track 2.A: Ethics of Algorithms

Thomas Szabo (University of Dortmund), Margo Bienert (University of Erlangen) and Eberhard Schnebel (Goethe University): “Ethics on the Train: Ethical Communication inside Digitalization Processes”

Pak-Hang Wong (Universität Hamburg): “Algorithms and End-Users’ Moral Responsibility”

Jacob Dahl Rendtorff (Roskilde University): “Don’t Be Evil: Ethics and Responsibility for Big Data in Google“

Peggy Valcke (KU Leuven): “Ethics of Algorithms: Accountability and Transparency in Consumer Affairs”.

Track 2.B: General Topics II

Takayuki Kawase (Chiba University): “A Theory of Risk Management: From a Japanese Perspective”

Alexander Kriebitz and Raphael Max (Technical University of Munich): “Moral Integrity in a Digitized World”

Nickolay Roslov and Iuliia Goman (St. Peterburg Mining University): “Soviet Urban Planning”

Track 2.C: Ethics of Autonomous Driving

Ugo Pagallo (University of Turin): “Regulation of Autonomous Driving in the US”

Vanessa Schäffner (University of Tübingen): “Balancing Risks in Autonomous Driving Scenarios: A Utilitarian Approach”

16:50 17:20 Coffee Break
17:20 18:40 Keynote and Panel

Christoph Lütge (Technical University of Munich): “Business Ethics for the Digital Era”

19:00 Conference Reception

Friday, September 21, 2018

Start End Event
 09:15 10:30 Plenary Discussion

Representatives from Business, Politics, Academia

10:30 10:50 Coffee Break
10:50 12:20 SECTION 3

Track 3.A: Ethics of Work 4.0

Makoto Usami (Kyoto University): “Digitization and Distributive Justice”

Tommaso Reggiani (Masaryk University): “Digitization and the Future of Labor: Ethical Guidelines for Digital Work Environments”

Maxim Egorov (Technical University of Munich): “What Values Count in Digitization: Results of a Survey Among German Business Leaders”

Elisa Maria Entschew (HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management): “Permanent Availability – A Path to Hyperinclusion”

Track 3.B: Ethics of Fintech and Blockchain

Claus Dierksmeier (University of Tübingen): “Beyond Bitcoin: The Ethical Promises of Blockchain”

Eberhard Schnebel and Laura Brosig (Goethe University): “The ‘Big Data and Advanced Analytics’ Revolution in Finance”

Lotfi Boulahrir (Cadi Ayyad-Marrakech University)/ Adil Zarfi(Majalat Consulting): “Blockchain Technology as an Opportunity for Ethical Insurance (Takaful Industry)”

Sandeep Mishra (Schneider Electric): “Need of Blockchain Based Transparency for Food Industry”

12:20 13:30 Lunch
13:30 15:30 Keynote and Panel

Luciano Floridi (Oxford University/Alan Turing Institute): “The Green and The Blue – A Smart Alliance for A Better World”

15:30 15:45 Closing


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